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Orange Wave

Your brand deserves the best, and sometimes that means creating something never seen before.


Something eye catching. Something brand new.

We deliver amazing bespoke POS and merchandise, and we make it simple.

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How do we do it?

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Project Management

We source multiple items, from multiple suppliers in multiple countries and bring it together in one single project. Our PRINCE2 project management principles, critical path analysis and in-house purpose built system keeps everything running smoothly and on track.

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Whole of Market Supply

We don't operate a factory, nor do we own any production equipment. We find, vet, work with and invest in the best suppliers who across the portfolio help us balance speed, cost and innovation. That means we're not tied to use any single supplier, and you ultimately get the best solution for your specific project needs, every time.

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We keep on top of all legislation so you don't have to. It's a minefield out there and we don't believe it's your responsibility to know everything. That's why we partner with legislation companies, testers and associations to make sure every product conforms to all the relevant legislation you never knew (or needed to know) existed.

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Both for functional and brand purposes, nothing gets past us. We'll advise testing requirements and work with our testing partners to make sure relevant products are put rigorously through their paces.

Plus, as an integrated fulfilment company, every product that arrives for our business to fulfill receives a free extra brand and function test when it arrives booked in to one of our Fulfilment Centres, giving you extra peace of mind.

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In House Design

30 years of merchandise design experience? You got it. There's not much we haven't seen in our time, so whether it's simple branding being applied, brand new artwork created from scratch or technical drawings for new products, our Studio have got it, and you, covered, at no extra cost.

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Beginning with the end in mind

We began life as a fulfilment company, and an integrated sourcing and fulfilment company we remain today. That gives a real edge when designing and manufacturing POS and merchandise for you - we combine the magic and logic in a way no other provider can. When you're sending out 1.5 billion items every year, it really does help!

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Making Amazing Simple.

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Frankie & Benny's Family Campaign

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19 Crimes Launch Project

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Southern Comfort Sustainable GWP

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Brands we've helped:
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